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New website

We've been using phpwiki to manage the ROX web-site since 2003. It has worked pretty well, but it has a few limitations. I'm experimenting with using drupal for the site. Come and have a play!

Some of the advantages:

  • Users can leave comments (threaded) on all pages. This is simpler for users than editing the whole page, and also safer.
  • We could have web-forums (maybe replacing the rox-users list?)
  • Navigation is easier, due to a navigation side-panel.
  • The news page looks better and is easier for everyone to use.
  • We can define custom page types (e.g. 'Software') with extra fields like version number and author, making the pages more structured.
  • More access control features.
  • The 'book' feature should allow the manual to be created on-line (with contents, next/previous, etc).

A few disadvantages:

  • Linking pages is harder than with the wiki since pages are numbered, not named (might be able to change this).
  • Moving the content across will be a lot of work.

There are many optional features (most of which are currently turned off) and theming possibilities (submissions welcome!). Have a play.

Anonymous comments

Should anonymous comments be allowed? It's possible to queue them until a moderator approves them, if we want.

re: Anonymous Comments

Until the abuse starts, why not? Can you assign moderators, or is each page author in charge of moderating comments to their pages?

You assign moderators to

You assign moderators to approve posts. There's also slashdot-style moderation voting system.

Personally I wouldn't like

Personally I wouldn't like to see the ML replaced with a forum.

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