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Installing from source

You can either download the source code manually (see below), or get it using Zero Install. To compile using Zero Install bring up the version selection dialog box:

$ 0launch --gui

Right-click on ROX-Filer and choose Compile... from the menu:

Compiling ROX-Filer

It will prompt you to download the source and some required headers for GTK. For more details, see 0compile GUI.

Downloading and compiling manually

Download these two archives (the links lead to a list of versions):

Extract the rox.tgz archive and run the ROX-Filer/AppRun script inside.
The filer will be compiled and then a filer window will open. Copy the ROX-Filer directory to either ~/Apps or /usr/local/apps (root password required).

$ tar xzf rox-2.7.1.tgz
$ cd rox-2.7.1
$ ROX-Filer/AppRun

Install the rest of the system as for Red Hat.
You'll need a compiler, and header files for all the libraries.
After installing, you might like to read the Getting Started Guide.

git repository

The initial blog post/comment about git seems to have gone missing (it used to turn up if I searched for 'git' but that gets no results any more).

So here's a reminder of the master repository:

Re: git repository

The git information is at Using GIT. Possibly the search is rejecting short words as nothing showed up for svn either.

Source installation

I had a bit of a problem to install ROX-Filer on an iBook (Ubuntu Gutsy). Ended up building it from source, and couldn't do it from zero-install either.
Would someone have some know-how in this (at least to do a clean install, zero-install compatible, for non-x86 users)?


Source install

What errors did you get trying to use zero-install? You'll probably have to compile GLib-dev before it will let you compile ROX-Filer. Click on the Publish button after compiling each one and send us the binaries.

When it asks you for the download directory, use "" for ROX-Filer and "" for GLib-dev if you want us to host them for you (it doesn't matter too much if you enter the wrong thing, though).

store it in /usr/local?

You mention:

$ tar xzf rox-2.3.tgz
$ cd rox-2.3
$ ./

But I cannot see this file in the current version (2.7.1):

$ cd rox-filer-2.7.1

$ ls
Choices README README-es ROX-Filer ROX-Filer.xml rox.1 rox.xml

OK, I can get it to compile/run, using the directions mentioned in the readme, but then it is writable by me also, I would prefer to store it in /usr/local somewhere ... it seem this is no longer simple.

Re: store it in /usr/local? - solution

OK, here is my solution, hopefully save someone 5 minutes:

* as "root", untar source to /opt directory

* enter that directory as "root", and run "./ROX-Filer/AppRun".

* close the rox-filer window that opens

Two steps to create a shell script to allow the use of the name "rox" on the command line:

# echo "/opt/rox-filer-2.7.1/ROX-Filer/AppRun" > /usr/local/bin/rox

# chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/rox

And add it to your window manager menu. :)

sudo ln -s

sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/rox /path/to/rox/AppRun

No, because AppRun expects

No, because AppRun expects everything in the directory it's run from to be there so if you link it, it won't find it. I just wish there was a standard "make install" option, the way it used to be. ZeroInstall and appdirectories are interesting toys, but they're not catching on, no matter how much the rox devs want them too.

I'm the previous anonymous,

I'm the previous anonymous, this works better for me:

after the compile:

cp -R /usr/src/rox-filer-2.8/ROX-Filer /usr/local/bin

vim /usr/local/bin/rox

which will contain
exec /usr/local/bin/ROX-Filer/AppRun

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