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Fedora Core

"The Fedora Project is a Red-Hat-sponsored and community-supported open source project. It is also a proving ground for new technology that may eventually make its way into Red Hat products."


Starting with a clean Fedora Core 5 install:

  1. Log in as a user (set up during the install).
  2. From the Applications menu, choose "Add/Remove Software". Enter the root password when prompted.
  3. Go to the "Search" tab.
  4. Type "zeroinstall" into the search box (without the quotes) and click on Search.
  5. After a bit, "zeroinstall-injector" appears in the list. Tick the box next to it and click on Apply.

Alternatively, you can install the package from a shell prompt, with:

# yum install zeroinstall-injector

You can now fetch and run the ROX applications:

  1. Go to the ROX-All page and download the .tgz archive.
  2. Open it with "Archive manager" as prompted by firefox. Click on Extract and select your home directory as the target folder. Leave the other options alone. Close the archive manager window when done.
  3. Double-click on your home directory (on the desktop background) and then on the extracted ROX-All directory. Double-click on "rox" to run ROX-Filer.
  4. You can use ROX-Filer to run the other applications. Run ROX-Session if you want the full desktop environment.

To add a rox command that runs ROX-Filer from the shell (don't run this as root):

$ 0alias rox

See the Getting Started Guide for instructions on what you can do now.

See the AddApp page for information about getting more programs.

Supported versions

Fedora Core 5 is known to work.

Fedora Core 3 works, but use the "Other" directory in ROX-All to install Zero Install, not the RPM.

Fedora Core 1 does not work, because ROX-All requires Python >= 2.3.

Fedore Core 2 and 4 should work (they have Python 2.3). Please add a comment below if you have tried it to say whether it works.

Fedora Core 5

I saw your request Re: Fedora core.

I am using Fedora core 5 and yes zero install of Rox is working.

Fedora instructions

Thanks - I've removed the old FC 1 & 2 instructions to clear the page up a bit too.

ROX and Fedora Core 3

I've been successfully using ROX with FC3 for some time now. I had to use the 'Other' install for the zeroinstaller, but everything works quite well


Thanks - I've added a note in the main text.

why not just add rox to the main fedora repo?

why have rox be some wild separate thing with zeroinstall when you could just have it added to the already giant repository that is now Fedora (since Core and Extras repos are now merged into one giant repo)

it cannot be *that* hard to get through the process of adding rox-desktop and rox-filer to the repositories.

I'm really curious about this. I'd *much* rather have the package managed by the package manager than installed through some third-party app.

You don't need to ask our

You don't need to ask our permission, just go ahead and add them. There's a list here:

There are 56 of them. It shouldn't take you more than an hour or so to make the initial RPM for each one, but you should allow 3 hours or so to get it accepted, spread over the next few months (generally between 3 and 15 months from the initial submission, depending on how persistent you are on IRC, Fedora mailing lists, etc). You should allow about an hour for each update of each program, which you'll need to create whenever one of the programs is updated. You should monitor the front page of this site to get notified of that, or monitor the feeds.

If you think this will bring you some advantage over installing them with the provided system, don't let us stop you. Good luck!

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