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How do I change the default font?

  • If you're using ROX-Session then run Look And Feel (for newer versions), or click on Session Settings and select the Display page in the options box (older releases).
  • Otherwise, if you're running some other XSettings manager (eg, gnome-settings-daemon), you'll have to set it with that (using gconf-editor in GNOME's case).
  • If you're not using ROX-Session or any other XSettings manager, you'll need to create a .gtkrc-2.0 file in your home directory containing something like:
    gtk-font-name = "helvetica medium 12"

You can change the pinboard font (used for desktop icons) from the filer's options box.

Why don't my fonts don't look as good as the ones in the screenshots?

Font support got a lot better with GTK+-2.0, so make sure you're running a recent version (2.0.0 or later) of ROX-Filer.

If you're not running a recent version of ROX-Session you can get anti-aliased fonts by setting two environment variables, like this (GTK+-2.2 and later versions do this by default):

QT_XFT=1; export QT_XFT

You might want to create a ~/.xftconfig file containing something like:

dir "/usr/local/Choices/Fonts"

You'll also want to download some good fonts.

If the monospace font (used to show file details) doesn't look right, check that your /etc/X11/XftConfig file contains something like this:

match any family == "monospace" edit family =+ "Luxi Mono";

(where "Luxi Mono" is your preferred monospace font)

The name and format of this file has changed in the new version of Xft.

See this httpthread for more information.

How do I install new fonts?

Drag the .ttf files into your (hidden) ~/.fonts directory (creating it first if it doesn't exist). On older systems, this may not work. You might also have to log out and log back in before the new fonts are detected.

The fonts change size depending on which desktop I use!

Different screens pack different numbers of pixels (dots) into the same area. So, to make sure a 12pt font appears the same physical size on all screens, it will have to cover a different number of dots (pixels) on different monitors. The size-in-pixels is calculated from the point size using the DPI (dots-per-inch) setting of the screen.

Some monitors set this directly, sometimes it has to be done manually. ROX-Session doesn't touch the value, but some other desktops force it to a particular value. Therefore, you may find the DPI value is set differently depending on which desktop you use.

The xdpyinfo command will show you the current setting (under resolution). Setting the DPI correctly should really be done by the login system, since it shouldn't depend on which desktop you use.

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