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Loading and saving

ROX uses drag-and-drop for file operations. Users load files by dragging to your application directory. They import files by dragging into a document window. They save by dragging back to a filer window. See Edit for an example of this.
The traditional method of using a 'mini-filer' window is bad because:

  • The user must learn two interfaces (the application and the filer) which do the same thing -- navigate the filesystem.
  • Mini-filers either have too little functionality (eg, can't create a new directory, can't search for files) or have too much and are confusing.
  • It should be the user's choice which filer to use for all applications, not the application author's choice on a per-application basis.
  • Mini-filers invariably default to the wrong directory. In ROX, the user can have multiple filer windows open, drag to pinboard and panels and so on.
  • Drag-and-drop saving allows the user to save directly from one application into another.

When some data (not in a file) is dropped onto your application directory, ROX-Filer will ask you to load '-' and passes the data in on standard input. Make sure you support this!
Menu items names:

  • Save As... opens a savebox. Most programs only need to provide this. It is called Save As rather than Save to avoid confusion with Window's Save behaviour.
  • Quick Save saves directly using the current filename without opening a savebox. This is what many systems call Save, but to avoid confusing with
    RISC OS we use a different name.

See also:

a little addon can make it better

imagine the situation where:
1. i turn on my system
2. open a rox-filer and browse to a hard to find folder like in /usr/share/doc/something.whatever/examples
3. i open an example file and edit it.
4. I have to save it in /etc/something/ and i dont want to change my current rox-filer path.

With the current system, i have to:
1. open another window
2. browse to /etc/something/
3. drag&drop to this folder
those are a lot of clicks and procedures to do just fo save or open a single file, and if you have lots of opened windows, you have to have all this windows on top, and dont miss the drop (by mistake, mousse button broken, some hardly configuration on the WM)

I want to propose a solution:
The save/open dialog can show a little list of icons of the favorites, or maybe another kind of save/open specific favorites.

This list can be implemented in lots of ways, you deside:
1. just an horizontal list of miniicons without names (names can be shown with mouse over).
2. a hiddable sidepanel (mayber remembering the last state) on the dialog showing the list with miniicons and the names at the side, (as in rox-filer "show as list" configuration).

Then the user can:
1. Drop directly over some favorite, without open anything.
2. Right clic over a favorite and open a new rox-filer window, to browse.
3. Drop new save/open specific favorites folders over this new implementation, for nextest uses.
4. Just keep it hidden and use current method.

thats all, i think, thanks, i hope you do this ;)

The filer already has both a

The filer already has both a favorites/bookmarks list and a recently visited list. Why can't you just use those? You don't need to open a new window, just jump to the nearest favorite and then jump back using the recent items. Very few clicks.

Use the panel

Just put your 'favourites' on the panel. That will work everywhere (opening, saving, copying).


[quote]The filer already has both a favorites/bookmarks list and a recently visited list. [/quote]
I know, but them are not on the open/save dialog, so i need to have 2 windows open to accomplish only one task.

[quote]Why can't you just use those?[/quote]
I dindt say that i cant. With the current way, i am obligated, or i have to use another FM.
I say that it will be better, for me and for all users who wants to move to rox.

[quote]You don't need to open a new window, just jump to the nearest favorite and then jump back using the recent items.[/quote]
So, i NEED to have 2 open windows plus the dialog, and when working with programs like GIMP those are, 666 windows and dialogs. Thats may point.

[quote]Very few clicks.[/quote]
Much more dann a traditional O/S Dialog. And i can see that you are particularily paranoic on mouse clics. i like that, but in those dialogs, i see more efforts.

[quote]Just put your 'favourites' on the panel. That will work everywhere (opening, saving, copying).[/quote]
yes, but the problem with that panel is which is not good looking at all. It can be a very good feature if you slowly make it so configurable as is fvwm.
fvwm is a very good idea for a WM, but doesn't really support today's standards, has an very ugly default setup, and have to be combined with light weight FM like rox. So, why dont have entirely ROX, becouse it is not so configurable as fvwm is.
I hope, some day, rox-panel to be so configurable (with maybe python scripts), as fvwm is. since that day, i have no plans to really use rox-panel, it is just a really big and ugly and square thing on the screen.

I dont think that it is too hard to add, it can be just a little icon on a corner and when dragging-mouse is over, show the list of bookmarks, to drop directly there. You dont really need to expand the window size.

I just give you my point of view. Sorry for ask too much. Too many doubts of how it internaly works.

good look ;)

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