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Compiling from source

See the Help Installing document for general instructions. Some common problems are listed below.

I have library 'X' installed, but it says it can't find it!

Libraries come in two parts: the binaries, which are needed when running a
program that uses the library; and the header files, which are needed to
compile a program.
If you're compiling from source, you probably need to get some of the -devel packages (eg,

I want ROX to be compiled in an automated process with other Packages, is there something like "make install"?

$ ROX-Filer/AppRun --compile

See also: 0compile

It still doesn't compile

You can report a bug. Please include the exact errors displayed when compiling ("It doesn't compile" is not helpful). You can select the errors displayed in the terminal window that appears, and paste them into your email by clicking the middle mouse button.

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