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ROX software available through Zero Install

This page lists all software in the index with a Zero Install URL. You can drag the links (the program names and icons) to AddApp to get the program.

For more information about Zero Install, see the web-site.

Core software

The core software is a good minimal set of programs with which to start.


Recording, editing and playback of music and videos.

  • VideoThumbnailProvides thumbnail images for video files. [ Home page ]
  • Albumconverts collections of MP3 files into an application directory that will play the files using xmms [ Home page ]


Programs used to change the system or desktop configuration.

Development tools

Tools for software development, version control etc.


Teaching software, and programs for children.


Viewing and editing of photographs and diagrams


Software for accessing the Internet (web browsers, email, etc).

  • ROX-Sambabrowse Samba networks via FUSE [ Home page ]
  • DownloadManagerdownload manager for Fetch, limiting the number of simultaneous downloads [ Home page ]
  • LaunchThis provides facilities for launching URLs. [ Home page ]
  • MailThis applet provides mail/no mail notification by its icon and also serves as a launcher for your prefered mail client. [ Home page ]
  • FetchThis program acts as a download handler for ROX-Filer. [ Home page ]


System monitors (CPU load, network activity, etc)

  • Systemprocess and disk monitor [ Home page ]
  • NetStatThis applet displays the current network activity [ Home page ]
  • MemThis applet displays the current memory usage and the current swap space usage. [ Home page ]
  • LoadThis applet displays the load average of your system (a measure of how much work it is trying to do). [ Home page ]
  • TailThis program displays the contents of a text file, updating as the text file is updated. [ Home page ]
  • FreeFSMonitor free space on a file system [ Home page ]


Programs that don't fit in any other category.

Panel applets

A ROX panel applet is a small program that runs inside the panel.

Text processing

Text editors and processing utilities.

  • DiffThis program displays a coloured context diff between two files. [ Home page ]
  • TailThis program displays the contents of a text file, updating as the text file is updated. [ Home page ]
  • Edita simple text editor [ Home page ]


A library contains shared code that is used by other programs.

request apps

i like to see these apps here:
- citrix ica client
- skype
- gizmoproject
- tsclient
- picasa
- vpn client


PGP signed web pages?

At least all the links at the top appear to be PGP-signed HTML files.

.. odd.

Those aren't web pages

Those aren't web pages, they are 0install Interface files.

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