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Click on Edit on the panel (the pen and paper icon). A window appears showing a blank document, into which you can type some text.

Clicking Menu (the right mouse button) over the text will open Edit's main menu. You can choose Options... from here to change the current font or colours used to display files.

Saving from Edit

The window titlebar shows Untitled, since we haven't given the file a name yet. The * indicates that we have unsaved changes.

To save your sample file, click on the disk icon in the toolbar, or choose Save from the menu. A save box will appear, which looks rather like the New Directory box seen earlier. Choose a name for your new file and drag the icon to a filer window (just as if you were copying a file from a directory).
In this case, we'll save to the Tutorial directory created above. Press the shortcut you set then (eg, Control+F1) or click on the Tutorial directory to open it. Drag the picture of the text file into the directory. You could also have dragged directly to the Tutorial directory on the panel.

The titlebar changes to show the new name of the file, and the * disappears until you make more changes. You can now close the Edit window. Clicking on the saved file will open it with Edit by default. You can set a different program to edit text files by bringing up the menu over the saved file and choosing Set Run Action... from the menu.

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