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When 'show iconified windows' is on, show thumb

Suggestion: in options, when 'show iconified windows' is on, add:

  1. make a snapshot (thumb) of the minimized window and use it as icon (toggle)
  2. show only iconified windows of current workspace (toggle) (done in ROX-Filer 2.3)

I like that idea. They would help the user have a better idea of what the minimized folder was, and it would help disinguish more clearly the fact that the minimized program in question is, in fact, a minimized program and not a shortcut. --James Gecko

Also icon by app resource

Also, a somewhat cheaper idea is to provide for user defined icons for applications which don't give a NET_WM_ICON. A quick gander of the source tells me that if the WM hints aren't defined, ROX Filer defaults to the iconified.png with nothing else tried. It seems as if one could have an associative array of pixmaps by application icon name, and only use the default if neither the application of user provides an image. I may try to hack this myself in the next few days though I'm not sure what to use for a image directory.

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