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A draft of the Autostart Specification has appeared. Possibly we should support it.

On the other hand, it requires .desktop files and doesn't support application directories, so it might not be useful for us.

Autorun / Autoopen

Seems like the Autorun / Autopen for removable filesystems part of the spec could be supported by ROX without problems. It does not refer to any desktop specific file formats.

Paths in Autoopen files would be simply opened through ROX.

ROX would need an extra option for the policy.

Concerning the autostart mechanism, I like the ROX one better, because it allows to put in links, scripts and excutables. This way, one can pass different options to an apllication, when autostarted (e.g. --nogui, --quiet).

Since Autostart is handled by ROX, it should not be too hard to add .desktop file handling, though. Would have to sort out precedence issues (.config/autostart vs. .config/

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