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ROX-Session 0.29 released

ROX-Sessiona simple session manager for the ROX Desktop.
Version: 0.29

A large number of small bugs were fixed. New settings for the Gamma, Screensaver and Keyboard configlets were added. The configuration directories are now used instead of the old CHOICESPATH ones.

Mouse 0.10 released

Mousemouse configuration applet
Version: 0.10

Support for newer versions of D-BUS is now included.

Keyboard 0.11 released

Keyboardkeyboard configuration applet
Version: 0.11

Keyboard has been updated to work with recent versions of D-BUS.

How I use ROX

Watching how other people use programs often shows you tips and tricks you didn't know. ROX-Filer has lots of features; some are extremely useful while some I almost never use. Here are my favourite features and settings...

XAttr 0.0.3 released

XAttrview or edit extended file attributes
Version: 0.0.3

Implement listx() for Solaris.
Implemented removing an attribute.
Implement xattr.delete() for Solaris.
Better error checking and reporting in

Google Hosting

I was looking for an excuse to play with the new Google hosting service. So I put WiFi there - the reasoning being that it wasn't my code to begin with and if someone else wants to contribute it is a bit easier to give others access (than on my personal site).

I wonder if we should put other abandoned ROX stuff there.

In case you haven't checked it out (rox-wifi) they're offering a simple Home Page, Keywords, SVN access (with very simple web view), and an Issue Tracker with a very simple interface. Discussions can be linked to Google Groups.

WiFi 002 released

WiFia Wireless quality monitor applet
Version: 002

The WiFi applet was never copied from the old site, and it seems that the original author is not around now. So here is version 002, hosted on my site, with some minor fixes and enhancements.

In a fit of Silly, I added an Emotes theme (meaning smiley faces telling you the quality of your wirless signal). I also added the requisite Tango theme for completeness.

Note: the 001 stable interface in the 0install file is bogus - a placeholder for the original.

Lithium 005 released

Lithiuma Battery Status Monitor Applet
Version: 005

No big fixes. Mainly Theme work.
* Added the Tango theme from GNOME PowerManager.
* Added theme selection code in the Options dialog.
* Icon now shows charge level while on AC power.

XAttr 0.0.2 released

XAttrview or edit extended file attributes
Version: 0.0.2

This is the first real release of the software. It is probably very buggy, but serves as a test bed for the module.

MusicBox 027 released

MusicBoxA Music Player
Version: 027

Deprecate provided icons in favor of GTK stock icons. Older icons are kept for GTK < 2.6 users - you must edit the file!

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