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Memo 1.9.7 released

Memoalarm clock and reminder list
Version: 1.9.7

Added support for running as an applet (copied from MiniClock). A new "egg-timer" button was added for timing things. In 'rough' mode, Memo now shows the exact time in a tooltip. A Spanish Venezuelan translation was added. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Ripper 007 released

RipperA CD Ripper/Encoder
Version: 007

* Support cdparanoia and other ripper/encoders (configurable)
* Configurable directory and filename patterns.
* Support for Album Art.
* Graphical progress bars
* More options

Time 0.0.2 released

Timesets time and date
Version: 0.0.2

* Use gksu instead of Execute, when installed. (Suggested by Alexander McLeay)
* Look for Execute in $APPDIRPATH before using 0launch.

TaskTray 0.3.6 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.3.6

Option for showing all workspaces (suggested by Delcides)

SSHFS Mounts and AppDirs

I've been experimenting with a way to combine FUSE/SSHFS with ROX AppDirs and its support of mountpoints.

I have a hackish version now that works well enough for me. Perhaps others could suggest improvements.


ROX Filer, FUSE, SSHFS, and password-less ssh access to the remote host (see ssh-keygen and .ssh/authorized_keys).

The last part is required to keep the Filer/Desktop from hanging while waiting for a password to be entered.


The standard umount command will not unmount fuse-mounted mountpoints. You need to use fusermount -u for that (or be root?). So, using the new configurable mount/umount commands in ROX-Filer 2.5, I created the following myumount command and put it in my path and set ROX-Filer to use this in place of umount.

0.2.9 released

Version: 0.2.9

* Script "$APPDIR/bin/umount" to ensure pumount is tried before using /bin/umount.
* Support for xdg icon names (requires included filer patch).
* Menu item to eject non-data AudioCDs. (reported by Alexander McLeay)
* New option to turn exec/sync flags on/off. (suggested by Alexander McLeay)

Postal 003 released

PostalAn Applet to Check IMAP, POP and MBOX accounts for new mail
Version: 003

After quiet Alpha and Beta releases (downloads but no feedback is good news?), the official 003 release is here. Support for multiple accounts including POP and MBOX (e.g. /var/mail/account).

SPAM stats

Three weeks ago, after the large amount of comment-spam we were getting, I set it up to record spam attempts in the database. I've created a new known spammers page with the results.

For individual IP addresses, TELEFONICA DE ESPANA is currently winning with 1085 attempts, easily beating Microsoft into 5th place (just 151 attempts). I suspect the picture changes if we group by organisation though, since many of them are using dynamic IP addresses. Any PERL hackers want to write a script to run the results through whois so we can see a proper breakdown?

Ripper 006 released

RipperA CD Ripper/Encoder
Version: 006

After a long hiatus, Ripper has been updated.

No new features. :(

But rewritten to use ROX-Lib's tasks module in place of threads. Also update to latest to facilitate 0install users actually being able to use it.

New features may come soon (if I can find the patches that were sent...)

Memo 1.9.6 released

Memoalarm clock and reminder list
Version: 1.9.6

Memo can now display alerts using a D-BUS notification service, if available. A Chinese translation was added.

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