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Jammin 1.0 released

JamminMPD playlist randomizer
Version: 1.0

First release.

Regression testing

One of the great advantages of open source for library authors is that you get access to your users' unit test suites. Ensuring that your library passes its own test suite before release is good, but sometimes your users are relying on features (or undocumented behaviour) you didn't test. Running their tests too can give you extra confidence, and it's easy to make this happen automatically in your release script.

ROX-Filer 2.6.1 released

ROX-Filerthe file manager at the core of the ROX desktop
Version: 2.6.1

Some problems with session management were fixed. This makes it easier to use ROX-Filer with gnome-session and similar. When creating thumbnails, we can now use a thumbnail embedded in an Exif image, which speed things up. A couple of build problems were fixed.

ROX-Samba 0.0.1 released

ROX-Sambabrowse Samba networks via FUSE
Version: 0.0.1

New program.

DevTray 0.1 released

DevTrayshows devices in the panel
Version: 0.1

DevTray is an applet that shows icons for devices, offering several actions via menus. It is a replacement for the discontinued DeviceHandler applet.
Supported types of devices are: Volumes (including Floppy Disks, Video DVDs and Audio CDs), Printers and Soundcards.
Due to its modular structure it's easy to add support for other devices.

It needs dbus (>=0.33) and HAL, including python bindings.

TaskTray 0.5.2 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.5.2

- When scaling an icon, keep its ratio.
- Don't show menu for 0 windows.
- Show number of windows in "Close all" dialog.
- Show an arrow on icons that have more than one window.
- Show arrow in MenuBox.
- Cache menus for faster access.
- Don't grey out "Activate" for the active window, to be able to bring it to front.
- Mark menu entry for attention-demanding windows in winmenu with !!! !!!.
- Blink icon if a window demands the user's attention. (suggested by SamuelDr)
- Different Options.xml files for horizontal/vertical panel.

AddApp 0.7 released

AddAppcreate ROX application launchers
Version: 0.7

Programs which require a terminal emulator (e.g. mutt) are now supported. Help works even for non-ROX applications (if they specify their documentation directory).

ROX-Lib 2.0.4 released

ROX-Libcontains shared code used by other ROX applications
Version: 2.0.4


- Fix unit tests to use correct path (Thomas Leonard).

- Removed a load of unused imports spotted by PyFlakes (Thomas Leonard).

- ROX base platform is now Python 2.3, so run unit tests against that by default (Thomas Leonard).

- Bugfix: Must use '..' in interface for backwards compat (Thomas Leonard).

- Removed some more deprecation warnings. Do not run testsu as part of testall as it is interactive (Thomas Leonard).

- Ensure window response codes are treated as int(), required for python 2.5 and pygtk 2.6 (Stephen Watson).

- Drag-and-drop didn't work if the hostname contained '-', due to an error in a regular expression (Thomas Leonard, reported by Lennon Cook).

- Function to fetch an appropriate icon for a file (Lennon Cook). Changed to return a Pixbuf instead of an Image, to use the existing icon theme lookup and to first check for a .DirIcon for directories (Stephen Watson).


- Update Chinese Translations (Babyfai Cheung).

- Update French translations (Vincent Lefèvre).


- Exception handler now copes with old-style non-class exceptions and with missing tracebacks (Thomas Leonard).


- Added xattr support including test for user set MIME types (Stephen Watson).


- When there is only one section in the options box, don't show a frame (Thomas Leonard).

- Added note about size-groups(Thomas Leonard).

- Added widget to OptionsBox, which lets the user choose a file using a GtkFileChooser or by drag-and-drop (Jim Ramsay). Requires GTK >= 2.6.

- Added Clear button to filename options (Jim Ramsay and Thomas Leonard).


- Lookup icons from / before /MIME-ICONS (Stephen Watson)


- Prefered launcher for a URL scheme now part of uri_handler (Stephen Watson).


- Prefered launcher for a URL scheme now part of uri_handler (Stephen Watson).


- Fixed some deprecation warnings (Thomas Leonard).

- Bugfix: InputBlocker and OutputBlocker now trigger on IO_HUP too (Thomas Leonard).

- Added Task.finished blocker, which is triggered when the task finishes, successfully or by throwing an exception (Thomas Leonard; suggested by Ken Hayber).

- Ensure that IO blocker callbacks return False, not None, or we get a warning from PyGTK (Thomas Leonard).

templates: *NEW*

- Added templates module as an interface to glade (Stephen Watson).

- Templates now has full dict behaviour and derives from glade.XML. Method names have therefore changed to be the same used by glade.XML (Stephen Watson).

thumbnail: *NEW*

- Added thumbnail module to access thumbnail images of files and also to generate them (Stephen Watson).

uri_handler: *NEW*

- Support shared configuration for launching URIs (Stephen Watson).

xattr: *NEW*

- Added xattr support including test for user set MIME types (Stephen Watson).

Xfce integration

A while ago Thomas Leonard wrote about Ubuntu integration and asked the question "Can we get rid of ROX-Session?". This inspired me to attempt to replace it with the Xfce session manager and it turns out that it is both easy to do and works very well.

TaskTray 0.5.1 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.5.1

- Stop panel from growing more than necessary. (reported by Will)
- Leave a border of 2 pixels around the tasktray.
- Added missing line to options_changed().
- Don't update size when "themed icons" or "all workspaces" option has changed.
- Don't show/hide icon when size option has changed.

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