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XDGSupport 0.1.2 released

XDGSupportcreates SendTo items for .desktop files
Version: 0.1.2

- ignore OSErrors raised by os.remove()
- silence the kill command in AppRun
- don't assume symlinks in SendTo directory (reported by Jim Ramsay)
- don't crash on values containing '='
- ignore apps with 'OnlyShowIn' not set to ROX or 'NotShowIn' set to ROX

Async python Socket Server using gobject

Recently I created a small command line python utility to process some stuff on a TCP socket connection. I used the standard python SocketServer class because it was dead simple to use for my purposes.

However, as the requirements of the utility grew (a GUI), I hit the main problem with SocketServers - they block - which is not so good for GUIs.

So, instead of using nasty old threading, I worked out how to use gobject.io_add_watch() to do everything in the gobject/gtk main loop. This makes it very simple to have this run in a gtk UI without needing threads.

Weather 0.2.6 released

Weathershows the weather
Version: 0.2.6

- Removed frame.
- Added tooltips to the forecast window.
- Show the real rain probability for the day.
- Cache icons for faster access.
- Added 'Help' and 'About' to the menu.
- Added some separators to the menu.

TaskTray 0.5 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.5

- Set size request for tasktray, to avoid growing/shrinking panel.
- Option to show a menu box left, right or both.
- If a "skip tasklist" window becomes active, zoom in its icon, if there is one.
- Use themed icon if the application's icon is a fallback icon.
- Use the application's icon, not the class group's.
- Only show menu when button 3 pressed, to avoid opening it accidentally.
- If a window not to be shown becomes the active window, set the active icon to None.
- Check if AppInfo.xml exists before loading app options.
- If icon of name 'foo-bar' is not found, use 'foo'. (think firefox-bin or gimp-2.2)
- When trying to find an app dir foo, also try Foo and FOO.
- Add 'Help' to app options if help dir exists.
- Added 'Help' and 'About' to main menu.
- Show all menu entries in winmenu with size 22 (except active window).
- Show icons of options in winmenu. (Requires patched ROX-Lib)
- Escape '_' in WindowMenuItem.
- Don't let a window change its icon to a fallback icon.
- Use gtk stock items for winmenu.
- Use different wording (similar to xfce).
- Sped up winmenu by only loading the themed 'directory' icon once.
- Removed options from winmenu: move, resize, on top, move to ws left/right/up/down.
- Added options to winmenu: activate, force quit, shade/unshade.
- Rewrote README.
- Added locations of libwnck and gnome-python-desktop to README. (suggested by Keith W)

Ubuntu integration

Note: An updated version of these instructions can be found on the Ubuntu page.

Can we get rid of ROX-Session? It should be possible to integrate ROX with your existing session manager. In this experiment, I configure a fresh Ubuntu installation to run ROX, without using ROX-Session.

ROX-MAME 1.0 released

Version: 1.0

First release of a simple MAME frontend for ROX.

ROX-Session 0.30 released

ROX-Sessiona simple session manager for the ROX Desktop.
Version: 0.30

The logout dialog is now closed on Sleep. The example has been simplified by providing an which contains functions to aid in setting up the environment. Various bugs-fixes and workarounds have been added.

TaskTray 0.4.2 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.4.2

- Optionally use ROX-Filer's icon theme instead of the GTK theme.
- Also support 'folder' and 'gnome-fs-directory' as icons for directories.
- Handle exception when themed icon for directory isn't present. (reported by Delcides)
- When setting the size of an icon, take into account the pointer's position.
- When windows change state, zoom icon smoothly to the new size. (Jim Ramsay)
- Make other icons collapse around an icon that's being hidden/destroyed. (Jim Ramsay)
- "move_others" option that never allocates the maximum icon size. (Jim Ramsay)

Postal 004 released

PostalAn Applet to Check IMAP, POP and MBOX accounts for new mail
Version: 004

* Catch timeout exceptions and show in tooltip.
* Attached notification popup to the widget (so that it always appears over the Postal icon).
* Fix handling for missing IMAP Folder or any error when checking IMAP folders.
* New translations: ru, uk (Konstantin Korikov)
* Get local mailbox dir from MAIL env variable if not otherwise defined (Konstantin Korikov)
* Change polltime from int to float (Konstantin Korikov)
* Improved update-po script (Konstantin Korikov)

Lithium 006 released

Lithiuma Battery Status Monitor Applet
Version: 006

* Add Notification support (requires pynotify) for power level warnings.
* Reverted a change that used 'design capacity' over 'last full capacity' for calculating remaining percentage. The problem with using design capacity is that it is not reduced over the lifetime of the battery. So as the battery ages it never reports 100% charge anymore. The problem with 'last full' was that sometimes you'd see more than 100% charge level.

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