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DevTray 0.3.1 released

DevTrayshows devices in the panel
Version: 0.3.1

- When CUPS not running, set have_cups to False. (reported by Thomas Leonard)
- After removing old volumes from pinboard, set volumes_on_pinboard to [].
- Use get_name() instead of get_label(). (reported by Kacper Wysocki)
- Add third argument to __active_workspace_changed() and __active_window_changed(). (reported by Tony Houghton)

FreeFS 2.1.7 released

FreeFSMonitor free space on a file system
Version: 2.1.7

* Added es translation (Juan Carlos Jimenez Garcia).
* Monitor home directory when no argument given, not the AppDir.
* Use new menu API.
* Use gtk_rc_parse_string() to set up gauge colours, choice_install no longer needed.
* More options controlling applet appearance, allowing it to adapt to smaller panels and to left or right panels.
* Reinstated the excluded file system types option, just as a manually maintained file for the moment.
* Mark more strings as translatable.
* Translate strings in Options.xml, using the method in ROX-Filer.
* Fix bug sorting the mount points.
* Prepare for use of 0compile.

TaskTray 0.6.2 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.6.2

- Added local 0install-feed.
- Only use an AppIcon's icon for menu when it's a themed icon.
- Add third argument to __active_workspace_changed() and __active_window_changed(). (reported by Tony Houghton)

Zero Install 2007 survey

The 2007 Zero Install survey is now up, so please submit your feedback there!

There's also some discussion on the LSB packaging list about third-party installation, including Zero Install.

DevTray 0.3 released

DevTrayshows devices in the panel
Version: 0.3

- Added wrapper-script for xmms.
- Catch IOError thrown by urllib.urlopen().
- Allow dragging PPD files to the "Add Printer" dialog.
- Pass AppID when (un)setting icons (needs support from ROX-Filer). (reported by Abrolag)
- Don't use the filer module anymore, because it prefers 0install over $PATH.
- Don't allow dropping URIs on volumes mounted read-only.
- Ignore volumes with 'volume.ignore' set.
- Use gnome-mount for (un)mounting, use p(u)mount and HAL methods as fallbacks.
- Rewrote the core, now depending on TrayLib.
- Append /icons to the icon theme's search path.
- Append /bin to $PATH.
- When unpickling, catch EOFError.
- Added dbus service 'de.berlios.rox4debian.DevTray'.
- Added dbus objects for DevIcons. (Needs python-dbus >= 0.81.1)
- Create SendTo items for DevIcons. (Needs python-dbus >= 0.81.1)
- Added option to disable all visual effects.

TaskTray 0.6.1 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.6.1

- Added option for maximum icon size.
- Added option to get icons from icon theme if possible.
- Moved Applet and Window classes into TrayLib.
- Indicate window state in tooltip.

TaskTray 0.6 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.6

- Rewrote nearly everything.
- Moved much of the code into TrayLib.
- Adjust to panel size.
- Kill processes more aggressively (using -KILL).
- Option to disable visual effects.
- Russian translation. (Konstantin Korikov)
- Only show "Close subdirectories" menu entry for filer windows showing a directory.
- Enlarge icon of active window even if active window should skip tasklist.
- Ignore empty path in APPDIRPATH.
- Only look for appdir if name of class-group isn't empty.
- Option to disable visual effects.

SystemTrayN 0.3.2-1 released

SystemTrayNnotification area applet
Version: 0.3.2-1

Fix positioning of message window.
Better way of enforcing a minimum size. Minimum size is now an option.
Allow use of 0compile.

XDG-Menu 1.4 released

XDG-Menua menu applet
Version: 1.4

Empty sub-menus are no longer included. A check for new icon theme settings on refresh was added. D-Bus is used instead of signals to communicate with menu button. Different fullback icons were provided for items with and without sub-menus.

Using ROX with Ion

Spending too much time organising your windows instead of getting things done? Tiling window managers aim to handle the layout for you. In this article, I'll show how to configure Ion 3 to work with ROX.

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