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Wallpaper 2.1 released

Wallpapercan be used to place an image on your desktop background
Version: 2.1

Dragging a file to Wallpaper now sets it as the backdrop image directly. This also means you can put Wallpaper on your 'Send To' menu to get a 'Set As Wallpaper' effect.

ROX-All 0.5 released

ROX-Alla single archive containing launchers for most of the ROX applications
Version: 0.5

Fedora Core 4 and Ubuntu RPMs were added. The new Lithium, SystemTrayN and Postal applets are now included.

Enabling border panels

Side panels can be managed by ROX-Filer, but by default they are not turned on. They allow you to create short-cuts to files, directories and applications. Panels work much like the pinboard (the desktop background), except that they come to the front when the mouse hits the edge of the screen and the layout is more rigid. You can also run small programs called applets inside a panel.

SystemTrayN 0.3 released

SystemTrayNnotification area applet
Version: 0.3

Updated for current ROX-CLib version.

0.1.7 released

Version: 0.1.7

Bug fixes:

  • Fix install of MIME handlers when using the injector.
  • If the frame file is missing, try getting the initial frame (fixes problem with short files having erroneous lengths).
  • handle UTF-8 filenames (reported by Benjamin Peter).

Volume 008 released

Volumea Volume control Panel Applet and Mixer Application
Version: 008

Converted from OSS to ALSA interface. OSS support will be deprecated and only supported in the older versions.

Lithium 002 released

Lithiuma Battery Status Monitor Applet
Version: 002

This was previously announced to the Mailing list as Battery-001. Since then (a whole 24 hours), I decided to change the name to Lithium and fix ACPI support. I also added PowerMac PMU support.

DownloadManager 0.1.1 released

DownloadManagerdownload manager for Fetch, limiting the number of simultaneous downloads
Version: 0.1.1

Now supports DBUS 0.3x and later.

Fetch 0.3.0 released

FetchThis program acts as a download handler for ROX-Filer.
Version: 0.3.0

Added support for DBUS 0.3x (and later) when using DownloadManager

Subversion on sourceforge

I've been using subversion (a CVS replacement) to manage the zero-install software ever since announced they'd be supporting it in the new year (this was in 2004, I think ;-). It's been working well, except that it was on my local machine so no-one else could access it. have finally deployed a beta subversion service to certain projects, including zero-install, and they've imported my local repository. You can check out the latest by following the instructions.

You should be able to get the whole thing like this:

$ svn co zero-install
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