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What licenses do you use?

The content of the web-site is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license. The software uses various licenses, but mainly GPL.


GNU General Public License

  • ROX-Filerthe file manager at the core of the ROX desktop
  • VixnA vi-like GUI text editor for programmers
  • SysBarsshow CPU load etc in bars on the panel
  • ScreensaverControl screensaver settings with ROX-Session
  • XDGStartEdits XDG autostart entries
  • AlgoScoreInteractive graphical score for algorithmic composition
  • RAWThumbnailGenerates thumbnails for the Digital RAW files
  • Reinteract-ROXa system for interactive experimentation with python
  • ROX-Sambabrowse Samba networks via FUSE
  • DevTrayshows devices in the panel
  • XDGSupportcreates SendTo items for .desktop files
  • ROX-TrasherTrashcan application for the ROX Filer and Desktop
  • Zero2Bundlecreate self-contained bundles from a Zero Install feed
  • mplayer-roxWraper around mplayer
  • Fontfont selection and smoothing configuration
  • AppearanceGTK and Icon theme configuration
  • Pickyan Image Viewer
  • Thumbssimple thumbnail manager
  • WiFia Wireless quality monitor applet
  • XAttrview or edit extended file attributes
  • IndigoMagicIndigoMagic icon theme for ROX
  • Weathershows the weather
  • TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
  • RETickernewsticker for the rox-panel
  • ExecuteGUI to run programs by command / run programs as different user
  • Trashcana trashcan that complies with the freedesktop-trash-spec
  • ROXTermLike gnome-terminal without Gnome baggage
  • DependA utility for checking dependencies of other ROX utilities.
  • XDG-Menua menu applet
  • HddTempa front end to "hddtemp" daemon showing temperature of hard drives
  • PanelClocka simple clock for the panel
  • Rubbisha very simple rubbish bin.
  • Trasha unified trashcan application for ROX.
  • ComicThumbGenerates thumbnails for comix archives (cbr,cbz,cbt)
  • ROX-thumbnailersIt generates thumbnails for ROX-Filer using various thumbnailers
  • ToggleDesktopToggle Show/Hide Window
  • Tasklista panel applet that shows a list of currently open applications
  • Systemprocess and disk monitor
  • Resolutionchange screen resolution dynamically
  • Mousemouse configuration applet
  • Memoalarm clock and reminder list
  • Keyboardkeyboard configuration applet
  • Gammaset the gamma correction for your screen
  • MIME-Editorchange the rules for guessing a file's type
  • OroboROXa lightweight Window Manager for ROX
  • Pageran application and panel applet that shows a miniature view of your desktop.
  • Archivecreate and unpack archive files (supported formats include zip, tar, gz and bz).
  • ROX-Sessiona simple session manager for the ROX Desktop.
  • PostalAn Applet to Check IMAP, POP and MBOX accounts for new mail
  • Wallpapercan be used to place an image on your desktop background
  • MenuAn Application Launch Menu
  • RipperA CD Ripper/Encoder
  • Volumea Volume control Panel Applet and Mixer Application
  • MusicBoxA Music Player
  • DownloadManagerdownload manager for Fetch, limiting the number of simultaneous downloads
  • FreeFSMonitor free space on a file system
  • VideoThumbnailProvides thumbnail images for video files.
  • FetchThis program acts as a download handler for ROX-Filer.
  • Edita simple text editor
  • FindA Graphical Find-In-Files Utility
  • ROX-Alla single archive containing launchers for most of the ROX applications
  • AddAppcreate ROX application launchers


GNU Lesser General Public License

  • ROX-Libcontains shared code used by other ROX applications

BSD style license

  • autostart manager
  • BelugaWireless network manager
  • JamminMPD playlist randomizer
  • ROX-MAMEMAME frontend
  • RatatoskA Jabber client for the ROX desktop
  • Lindorm-FlatA flatter version of the Lindorm theme
  • LindormOroboROX theme based on the "Oroborus" theme
  • roxunzip.shshell script that unpacks lots of archives
  • Lithiuma Battery Status Monitor Applet

Other license

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